Friday, December 28, 2007


Singapore is all decked up for Christmas and New the Year grand party that culminates with one of the best fireworks displays in the World. Its all open to the public at the Marina Bay area. Hotels all round the Marina Bay have been booked up, like it was last year. Yours truly was there last year and yours truly is going to be there for this one too.

Christmas cheer was everywhere; Singapore had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland of sorts, a show that had been put out at its best. There was everything except the snow, I mean real snow. In putting on a show, Singapore does it best and this is validated by the fact that record arrivals of tourists from around the World each month and total visitor arrivals crossed the 10 million mark.

Now a bit about the rest of the World; there were things to cheer about and then there were things that we could have lived without. It was not all cheer and not meant to be either. Humans they say evolved, and rather quickly in the last fifty years they say, evidence to the contrary seems to manifest itself right through 2007. At least mentally they haven’t. Disregard to the environment, ignoring the plight of the masses that still go to sleep each night without food, the ugly head of terrorism rearing up everywhere and so on. Then there are some good things that also happen and won’t make the news because the media is not interested. Who’ll watch good news? Is 2008 going to be any better? I hope so and I hope humans do evolve and are able to set aside petty differences. That’s wishful thinking but a thought nevertheless.

2007 has been great for aviation and I have written quite a bit about that. The next year is going to look good as well, albeit an anticipated slow down in World economy. So they say. I’m looking ahead to reporting here on the Singapore Air Show in February next year. My own company Orion Air Pvt Ltd completed 9 years this year. My latest baby is operational as of yesterday, a new Jet provider incorporated in Singapore called Jeteezy Pte Ltd. Projects next year will see me work more and blog less, this becoming the norm. I’d like to blog more, just to keep a diary of sorts and something I can re-read years later and have a laugh.

So, let’s cheer ourselves up, get out this depressing madness that the World has seen in the region the last few days and truly look forward to evolving. It starts at home, I’ve been told, and I hope it spreads throughout humanity. Cheers to all for a wonderful and successful 2008.