Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Ends..cheers!

Another year ends and another is about to begin. For many it is a psychological boost to end/start something. For some it's just another day, same as the previous day. However anyone takes it, there is still an atmosphere of fun generally. People planning parties, sales events going on, people travelling, relaxing.

I have nothing planned for the year end because that's generally how my life is. I can almost never plan anything and stick by it. Everything I do has last minute changes and I am quick to adapt. Being at home doing my laundry or some other chore and then to receive a call and head off overseas is par for the course, for me. In the past I used to blog a bit, pen down my experiences, post pictures of all these planned and unplanned trips. Now I have become lazy. I spend much time on twitter, getting stuff done on Facebook related to all my Wildlife Conservation efforts and so on.

All indicators for the next year is that it is going to be super busy. I am not complaining, I like being super busy. In January we move into a new facility at Seletar Airport and I catch up with work and whales in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. Side trips to Malaysia and Indonesia as well. February will have me grounded in Singapore, for the mid month culmination of the 100th year of civil aviation in Singapore and it all ends in a grand show called the Singapore Air Show. For sure, I'll be reporting from the event and posting pictures. I wrote about the Centennial Celebrations in an earlier blog in March 2011 when it all began. Read that post here.

For those who visit my blog and enjoy it, I will try and post more than I did in 2011. It will be about aviation and wildlife. It will be about Aircraft and Whales. Hopefully it will be interesting enough for my friends, I thank all of you for being with me, even virtually, over the years on my blog. Hope to see more of you in my new posts.

Have a great 2012 people!