Monday, September 25, 2006


Athul, one of my readers prompted me to put this post up and as promised earlier, I have posted pictures of the Premier 1 jet that got delivered to India with the Indian flag. I am instrumental in being the first to bring this Aircraft in Indian flag colours for commercial charter operations in India. I am sure some of my compatriots are proud.

Me at front door, see Indian flag above

One high tech jet for India

Me on the acceptance flight day

The Premier 1-at 0.78Mach, she's the fastest civillian in the skies here

View of the front steps and the galley inside

Plush Interior with club seating and personalized DVDplayers

Glass cockpit Proline 21 avionics

Hope these pictures, long awaited by some, are illustrative of a modern jet. India's market for such jets and turboprop executive Aircraft is growing at a fast pace. I am fortunate to be a leading player in facilitating such Aircraft. There are two more turboprop new generation executive Aircraft here in Singapore that I am customizing. I'll post pictures of those as soon as possible. I am doing the acceptance test flight of one of those Aircraft next week. Some of the top corporates in India are buying more such jets and larger ones too and as I deal with them, there will be photos and details of those Aircraft as well. Look forward to more.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Thats me in the pix. Some of these pictures that I took appeared recently in "BangaloreBias" a new eveninger in Bangalore, India. These are all pictures of the T-28 formation flights that I took part in Camarillo and wrote about, in the previous article. There's a picture of my cockpit instruments, look closely and you'll see 9,500 feet, that where we did the practise runs and manoeuvers.

Update on the Premier 1 fastjet. It was delivered to us last week and is now in New Delhi, India. The photos of that airplane in our colors will form the next topic of my blog. I will also publish photos of the all glass cockpit with the most modern avionics in the World. That should delight some of the previous commentators who were interested in visiting an airplane cockpit to see whatit looks like. The Premier 1 instrumentation is nothing like the "steam gauge" ones you see above.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I got back to Singapore from California late last week. I test flew our latest Premier 1 executive jet yesterday and I will put a post soon enough, on that. Thats also one of our five Aircraft, two more here in Singapore getting ready. More on that later.
The second day after my return, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) had an open house for the general public at Paya LabarAir Base. I'd always turn up at any aviation event, so here I was, camera in hand. I have ex-RSAF personnel who used to operate some of the "heritage" Aircraft they had on display. The RSAF is well equipped with the latest transport, fighter and helicopters. In this small post of mine, I have put some of the pictures of the open house.
An F-16 on display

"Heritage" Skyhawk near the entrance to the open house

Beoing Chinook twin rotor helicopter transport

Your's truly in front of an F-16, this will tickle my detractors!

All Aircraft were open for visits by people, they could walk into the Aircraft and see the cockpit as well. Some of the Aircraft included the F50 and Hercules C130 transport, a large B707 transport, F-16's, E3C Hawkeye, F5E and so on. Lucky draws were held and the winners were treated to a flight on board the helicopters and transport Aircraft.

There were hangars meant for young aviators to learn more about aviation and the RSAF, there were hangars with static displays and of course, a food court in an airconditioned hangar. The Singaporeans think of everything. It's great to see Aircraft flying and the open day was for two days of the weekend. Free busses were arranged to transport people back and forth from the nearest MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system. This is something that I wish our people would learn from (you know who I mean) instead of being just crabs!