Sunday, June 29, 2008


(Jim and I, with Selvam and flowers on arrival at Seletar Airport)

The Mustang has been busy and so have I. I had written in my last piece that I'd do photos of the Mustang in her home in Seletar Airport, Singapore and this is it. She's been flying in and around Indonesia and Thailand. Bangkok mainly and recent trip over to Phuket. Seajet is coming together as a premier charter company with multiple Aircraft available for lease and charter throughout the region. I won't be blogging too much about it in this space, lest it becomes more of an advertisement than a blog. But then, many people and even companies are known to use blogspace for their propaganda.

(Being towed in from the apron to the East Camp side of Seletar Airport where my hangar is located)

On arrival in Singapore, we were treated to a small reception party and given bouquets. After we headed across to the East Camp side of Seletar, the handlers towed the Airplane to a hangar that I have leased. I have built up offices inside the hangar to support the Operational aspects of the business and these offices have a good view of the Airplane in the hangar. The hangar has been there since World War II and I may have mentioned this before. The rear hangar door contains many "holes" in it. These have been caused by grenades, flying shrapnel and neat, round, bullet holes that was the result of the fighting between the Japanese and British forces before Singapore finally fell to Japanese hands. A few people have suggested that I repair or replace this "ugly" door but I won't, it's got too much history to tell.

The Mustang and I have had many visitors, some aviators and some not including my friend Yasmin from all the way down under - New Zealand. Reviews have all been good, whether the Mustang is on the ground or in the air. Jim's tenure as a contract pilot ended and we had good times together as a team. Randall Brink has taken over as our main pilot with Eric, for the next one year. Randall is famous for being an accomplished and experienced jet pilot and an author of several books including a story about Amelia Earhart's disappearance! He's a golf and boating enthusiast, not sure in what order. He's also written about living aboard boats.

(About to be towed into the hangar)

The Mustang is also fast becoming a celebrity locally. She will appear on Tattler Magazine cover page for the August issue of the Singapore edition of the World renowned magazine. Of course the models came with their designer outfits, bags and shoes. The photoshoot took place in the hangar. The entire thing looked like a movie set with lights, camera, spot boys, make up chaps, models running around and their friends who had come along to cheer them on. It took my peaceful Sunday and threw it out the window but I think she was happy and so was I.

Yours truly was also subsequently interviewed for the Formula 1 race edition titled "Boys and their big toys". Corny as it sounds, at least I think it does, the interview will be my first one in a non aviation forum. The Mustang and I seem to be competing in celebrity space! Let me say complementing. Without her, I'm not any one's favorite subject! There will be a time when the Mustang gets company soon, more planes and bigger outlay. Happy landings to all till next time.