Friday, August 11, 2006


Been busy traveling as usual so I thought I'd report a few things before my next big write up. In Singapore, they celebrated their National Day on 9th August. They have been independent from Malaysia for the last 41 years. It was also significant that this was going to be the last time they were going to hold the multicultural show at the National Stadium. This stadium, built 33 years aso has hosted football matches, rock concerts and even the pope (as in The Pontiff). They are going to pull the old structure down (looked good to me even now) and build a new one with state of the art facilities. The evening highlight was multicultural dances, the military displays and lots of fantastic fireworks. The party continues till the weekend, with parades and events happening every day. I wish Singapore renewed success.

On the Aviation front, the next day was an aviation history day for Singapore. As reported in The Straits Times, Singapore's leading daily newspaper, "on August 10th 1959, a Qantas Boeing 707, the first of its type to land here, touched down at Singapore Airport (see my earlier article about Seletar Airport about locations of Airports in Singapore) two hours and eight minutes after landing in Bangkok. This is the fastest time recorded by any civil airliner on this route"

Our Aircraft are getting ready for delivery last week of this month and I will be posting pictures of that. They are getting new executive plush interiors and new paint including the Indian National Flag on the exterior. I have to head back for the US in a day to pick up one more for the fleet and bring it to Singapore for the same refurbishment work. There's more travel writing coming this way, watch this space and thanks to my readers for their kind support.


Balakrishnan said...

Yea..singapore has grown by leaps and bounds since its independence, and so have we..except for the politicians :)
The qantas boeing 707 you mentioned remined me of John Travolta's private 707 formerly owned by Qantas..what a mean machine...what a lucky guy to own one :)

Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

True Balakrishnan, Travolta is an active pilot. He even flew the Boeing 707 in Qantas livery on a 13 city stopover tour as their "ambassador-at-large". Good guy.
India's problems, well thats a long story isn't it? Not only politicians, even "normal" people. You know the story of the Indian crab. One Indian does not like it when another one gets ahead in life and starts to try and pull him down. As long as this mentality remains, only god can help India! Meanwhile lesser mortals like us continue to try selflessly working and doing our bit to society.

YourTravel Guide said...

So when are you planning to visit Malaysia. You have been to singapore, it's only take 15 minutes from there!!!

Athul said...

its nice to know the happening in singapore , those people r realy living up to a great level .

ill let u know something which happent here in my place , theres an old bridge across the ganges near by , and its condition is worse and people seek gods blessing b4 climbing onto it , when someone proposed a new bridge all the authorities made a scene not to put it down ,

at last it fell down killing few people and now all blame it on each other .

wish someday india too would rise and shine like singapore .

Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Travel guide, I was in Malaysia a few days back and have been there a few times before. Nice place to visit. Thanks for your comments Athul.

My next one is from here in Camarillo, USA, just landed last night and there's going to be an airshow this coming weekend. I'll post pictures and write about the event after the show.