Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Thats me in the pix. Some of these pictures that I took appeared recently in "BangaloreBias" a new eveninger in Bangalore, India. These are all pictures of the T-28 formation flights that I took part in Camarillo and wrote about, in the previous article. There's a picture of my cockpit instruments, look closely and you'll see 9,500 feet, that where we did the practise runs and manoeuvers.

Update on the Premier 1 fastjet. It was delivered to us last week and is now in New Delhi, India. The photos of that airplane in our colors will form the next topic of my blog. I will also publish photos of the all glass cockpit with the most modern avionics in the World. That should delight some of the previous commentators who were interested in visiting an airplane cockpit to see whatit looks like. The Premier 1 instrumentation is nothing like the "steam gauge" ones you see above.


Athul said...

wow ,,
flying at 9000ft high and doing the manouvers must b real exciting ,,

looking forward to see those new all glass cock pit executive jets .

Kishor Cariappa said...

Love those mid-air pics!