Monday, October 15, 2007


I write this as the first Airbus A380 Super Jumbo is being delivered to Singapore Airlines. The CEO of SIA has just made a speech and standing behind him are a bevy of Flight Attendants, symbolising the famous "Singapore Girl". SIA is the launch customer for this airplane. The CEO of SIA just announced live that while there was a long delay (about 18 months)that this airplane was worth the wait. Once he made the speech, they towed in the Aircraft and the CEO of Airbus and SIA boarded the plane along with the TV camera crew. They are showing the interior just now as I write. History has been made for aviation as well as SIA. As for Singapore, this small country has again stood out in the World and portrays itself as a modern, forward thinking and progressive country. The Super Jumbo epitomizes everything that Singapore stands for.

The Airbus A380 inaugural commercial flight is to take place on the 25th of this month from Singapore. There was a bidding war for seats on the first commercial flight and that has raised a lot of money, intended to go to charity entirely. A noble gesture for sure. SIA has just unveiled the various seating classes in the airplane and while there is additional space in economy class, the business class is the biggest in terms of space in the World. What takes the cake, however, is the Singapore Airlines suite class. For the first time in modern aviation, there is actually a suite, a private enclosure that is more like a small room. The suite class is a step beyond First Class, as they say.

I am impressed, by the show, by the design of it all, by the vision that went behind creating this behemoth of an airplane. I'm also impressed with what it is capable of doing, the efficiency of it's design and the Rolls Royce engines that virtually guarantees the lowest carbon emission per passenger by any airplane flying in the skies to day. I'm of course impressed that this tiny country, Singapore, is the proud first operator of this type of Airplane in the World. So I say, three cheers to all concerned.


Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Instead of writing a short new blog piece, I am using the comments page to update news on the blog post.
The Singapore Airline's new Airbus A380 super jumbo took off on it's first commercial flight moments ago, today the 25th of October 2007 from Changi International Airport Singapore to Sydney, Australia. The Aircraft, the largest commercial airliner in the World, has 471 passengers on board this flight designated as Flight number SQ380. The first commercial flight is also a charity flight, with the proceeds going to local charities and has raised US$1.3 million. All the seats on the plane were put on the bidding block and today's passengers for the first flight had to bid for those seats.
I saw the airplane being pushed back and line up for take off, on local TV and moments later as it went down the runway, I saw the Aircraft take off, looking out of my study window (that looks towards Changi)I saw the real thing as it majestically gained altitude, making a slow turn towards the designated air route to Sydney. End of update.

Mysore Madhu said...

WOW - First hand eye witness report without having to watch the TV


rambhai said...

airbus 380 is the most astonishing plane ever built ~!~~its sssoooooo huge~~~it has its own staircase in side i heared 777 series is boiengs answer to airbus 380