Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been a great start to 2008 for me. I incorporated SEAJET Services Pte Ltd in Singapore and presently in Wichita, Kansas, USA where Cessna makes the Citation Series of jets. I am in the market for buying some of them. The company got incorporated on 10th January, coinciding with the opening of the brand new terminal 3 at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Another marvelous terminal, the best anywhere presently.

Also coinciding this was the arrival of the second Airbus A380 Super Jumbo (out of the first five ordered) by Singapore Airlines. I'm back in Singapore in time for the Air show and will be blogging about my present trip. Today was eventful and fun and I piloted the Cessna Citation Mustang jet. Details of the flight flown from Wichita to Independence (Kansas) will be a part of my next blog. With pictures. This year, I will be bringing in three jets, two new ones and one pre-owned.

I forgot to mention that we have a new 58 foot yatch (Carver cruiser) and will be posting that on the net as well. The ownership is on SEAJET and I am planning to charter that too. That's as much time I have to blog this time and wanted to do it before I start forgetting what I have done so far this year and it's a lot!


Madhukar - VU2MUD said...

Going high on the air and the sea - not to mention the high spirits! Great Going Captain (Dont tell me you are going to Captain the Yatch too ;) - )

That really is a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

sona said...

excited to hear about the new events , and looking forward to see the next blog on the new planes .

i hope to see blog on singpore airshow just like the one u had posted about dubai air show .

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thaks guys, for your comments. I am in LA now and on my way back to Singapore. I do hope to be in Singapore for the Air Show. The only thing that may disrupt those plans will be a trip back to the US for taking delivery of our first new jet. I will be posting a new blog soon, about the new jet and related news and with pictures.
Madhukar: I've got a yatch crew at the moment on a service contract for a year but I am also planning on getting the PPCDL (powered pleasure craft driving license) in Singapore when I have some spare time.
Sona: Thanks and please look for the next blog with photos.

William PJ Schermer said...

Good for you.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks, it's been great to be here at this point in time. Keep in touch.

Colin said...

Hello Capt Anup,

Excellent blog and interesting Aviation and Sea going photographs you captured. Thanks for sharing the development of your company and yes....boating is fun in Singapore. Catch up soon. Cheers


Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks Colin. Let's catch up. I'm back on 20th.