Friday, May 02, 2008


As I write this quickly, I'm preparing to leave on the second leg of the ferry flight of my Mustang. We took off from Wichita yestrday a bit late due to last minute paperwork issues. However, through Fort Wayne, indiana and Bangor, Maine, we (Jim Harrod and me) made it to Goose Bay (CYYR) in Labrador region of Canada. It is a "balmy 4 degrees Celius as I write this and that's not too bad for tis time of the year, it is warming up.

A short night rest and we are off in the next few minutes across to Narsarssuaq (BGBW) on the southern part of Greenland and fuel up before heading off again to Keflavik in Iceland. We will end up at Prestwick, Scotland, U.K. tonight and catch up on some much needed R&R. I took some more photos of the Mustang on the ramp in Wichita and I'll try and post them tonight or tomorrow when I write in from Prestwick. The airplane is behaving nicely and we got some good performances at FL370 (F370 or 37,000 feet for lay folks).

Thanks for all the comments on my previous blog with respect to the Mustang. I appreciate everyone who has written in and the comments continue.


gene said...

Have a great trip!
I can track you on FlightAware but only to Goose bay since it doesn't do flights outside of North America. Looks like a great start.

athul said...

good to hear from u about ur ferry flight ....
sir, r u guys dressed up in that orange safety suits like the last time when u took an indian plane through that place ??

wishing u a cool trip ahead .

Hugh said...

I was twice in Prestwick in March. Once coming into Scotland from Ireland and once leaving Scotland. A word to the wise: If you have to rent a car for your R & R make sure it is a year or two old. The rental companies rent out only new vehicles (having some agreement with the leasing company to break them in for the first 15,000 miles). The formaldehyde and other chemicals emanating from the plastic interior left me feeling queasy for two weeks during my Scottish visit and very ill and requiring two weeks to recover my health after I returned to the U.S.

Rajesh said...

Hello Capt. Murthy,

How are you?. Busy on the ferry from your blog I gather. I wanted to email you, however I was unable to locate yor email.

Time permiting could you advise me of your email.

Thank you.


Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Gene, thanks very much. Went into Narsarsuaq Greenland and Keflavik, Iceland yesterday and landed late night at Prestwick for night stop. Leaving this morning on european leg onward to Luxor. Will blog later.

Athul, no immersion suits like last time. See above comment and you'll know where I am. Thanks for your good wishes.

Hugh: Did not hire a car, went by taxi for overnight stop. Not staying in Prestwick. Looking forward to some R&R in Luxor. Cheers and thanks for the tip on rental cars and sorry to hear about your bad experience with them. I'm sure others will benefit from your advice.

Rajesh, hi, my e-mail:
Yes, busy on the ferry at the moment. Keep tracking the blog when you can. Cheers.

John T said...

Glad to hear everthing is going well, pity you could call in at Luton on the way as it would have been good to meet you ! I am sure We could have arrnaged free handling too - maybe next time !!
Enjoy the rest of your trip,
John Till

John T said...

Pity you couldn't stop at Luton on your journey - it would have been good to meet you and I am sure we could have arranged free handling ! Maybe next time !
Enjoy the rest of trip,

John Till

John said...

How is the plane doing on those long flights over water? No HF needed?

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks John, maybe next time I'll take up the offer of stopping in Luton. It would have been nice to meet you as well. The Prestwick leg was easy for the Mustang. No HF required on the flight routing that we did. VHF coverage was good and we never had to relay positions anywhere.

As an update to everyone following this blog, we are in Muscat, Oman today and have not had a good chance of sitting down and writing about the ferry. I may do that in Bangkok the day after tomorrow or on 9th when I get back to Singapore. The airplane is behaving well on this long trip and we are doing well too. We had a great stop over in Luxor and I have loads of pictures from everywhere we stopped. They'll all get uploaded as soon as I have the chance.

Minee (Royal Group) said...

Welcome to Royal Group's Hangar!!!

Your flight was delay! whatever, we still waited..heheheheh

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks Minee, was good to see you late last night. Please look after my "baby". Nice Aircraft isn't it? Great handling service as well. See you tomorrow before we fly off to Singapore. As promised I will post pictures of the ferry in the next few days.

imagination said...

fantastic aircraft. Saw it taxing out from its hangar at Seletar. Nice!

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Imagination, thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog.

Anonymous said...

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