Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thanks, Mr GVK

Thanks to Mr. GVK, I have a forum now to express my views. I am in the field of aviation, a commercial pilot, senior aviation manager (GM, CEO - that sort of thing) and have been flight instructor, training manager and so on. I have been in general aviation since 1982 and commercial since 1986. My experiences have taken me to dozens of countries around the World, virtually all continents except Australia and Antarctica!My blog space will, from time to time, include details of various aspects of aviation. I am a native of Mysore and issues related to Mysore are dear to me. I have been fortunate to travel back to Mysore frequently during my years abroad. I am trying to settle in Mysore and hope to eventually.I invite readers of my blog to comment, suggest and if any information is required about anything related to aircraft, airports or related, to write me. I will do my best to clarify, educate, inform on aviation. Pick my brains, please!!
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Dinu said...

I remember youur high-school-days in your "NCC dress"! Way to go!

Dinu said...

I remember youur high-school-days in your "NCC dress"! Way to go!

Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks Dinu. Those days indeed were very special. NCC Air Wing got me the springboard to my pilot carreer.

Athul k s said...

Dear Sir .
Iam Athul K S
its been nice to see ur blog, and u had mentioned that , u can be contacted for doubts regarding aviation .
i have few things to ask , feels that writing that here will b realy lenghty ,
it would of help if u could kindly let me know ur mail id to me at ( ,

Fahad Sheriff said...

Capt I was working at Gan airport, in 2010, as an aircraft tech just in front of your Air Equator F27. your hangar and offices are now used by a flying school, which I worked. pretty worrisome to see that Aircraft parked on the field. Believe that it will be useful to someone, at least for training purposes someday.. regards.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks for writing in Farhad. I was sorry to leave it there in Gan like that but its not my call. There was a dispute among directors and shareholders. Also, there was dispute between SPA Aviation of Sri Lanka and the Aircraft owner in the UK. Maldivian court ruled for SPA Aviation I believe. Its SPA Aviation's property but they were crooks then and maybe crooks even now and they had said that they would carry on without any of us working for them. From what I know, they never managed to get flying again without my team. They have left many in my team including myself without pay those days. I wish I could do something regarding that Aircraft, not mine to take a call on, unfortunately. I would have certainly done something with it if it was mine in ownership. Thanks for your comment, I almost lost it since you posted on my first ever blogpost in 2005! All the best with your aviation career.