Friday, December 30, 2005

Yours truly in Paradise

This year end, I managed to end up in Goa, staying at Colva near the beach. I have been renting a Honda two wheel scooter and driving all over. Unlike Mysore and Karnataka in general, this place has very nice roads and there are well maintained cities all around. We have been driving down south to Mabor Beach where the sand is nice and white, few people, good beachside eateries called "shacks" and today we have been driving to Ponda where there are a number temples such as the Shanta Durga, Lakshminarasimha (which was not listed but somehow we found it and it is the best thing that happened to us), Mangeshi temple and then drove down to Panjim and visited Dona Paula (Ek Dooje Ke Liye fame). I am blogging from a sify cyber cafe'.

Panjim has some very nice old heritage buildings and they have been maintained well. Mysore needs to learn from such conservation and preservation. The Goans are years ahead of us Mysoreans in terms of tourism and the friendliness of the people. The roads are lined with pathways with the river Mandovi on one side and eventually the seaface. Mysoreans and MCC needs to come here and study how to keep a city so clean and tidy.

The scene for tomorrow is a laze around the beach, swim in the sea and watch for sharks (not really) and end the night with a beach side "shack' organized New years eve party. Around the 2nd, it will be back to Mysore.

Happy New Year to all of you.


GVK said...

The sun, the sand, swim and the 'shack';and then,could you talk Goa without any reference to feni?

Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Dear GVK, we did take in quite a bit of beer because the weather was nice and warm and stayed with rum for the New Years eve. Unfortunately, did not partake of any feni. Oh yes, we did drink a bit of the local wine.
My next blog will be about an aviation museum of the Indian Navy coming up shortly.