Friday, June 07, 2013

Long time no see

It has been a long time since I blogged on my page. I have been diverted to micro blogging big time, such as Twitter for example. That's easier to handle day to day, although there may be limitations on characters, I have managed over 20,000 tweets so far! I have perhaps also made many new friends on twitter and many also on Facebook, another platform that takes a lot of one's time! Lengthy blog posts on blogger, with photos is still what I'd like to read but have a tough time posting new ones on my own page!

I have been blogging on and off on my official/company page a bit. This is just an attempt at coming back into the game on my personal page, realizing that this platform has it's uses as well. For example, I have never documented my travels in as much detail anywhere else and it is always a good reference point for me to come back and read what I had written about the place and the tips that I may not remember currently.

I am starting off on another ferry flight it seems. Taking delivery of a small seaplane and ferry flying it across from the USA to Singapore..ultra long flight for a small Aircraft. Now, I am hoping to avoid it so as to save time and use that time for doing my pending pre-aircraft-arrival ground works. However, if push comes to shove and I can't get someone else who is qualified to fly it, then it will have to be me!

I have blogged about ferrying Aircraft in the past but none of them have been a small seaplane that can only fly at 120 Knots (220 Kms/Hr) at cruise speed and at lower altitudes. The last time I ferried was a high performance Citation Jet flying at 41,000 feet with auto-pilot and advanced navigational equipment.  Contrast that with this small seaplane (pictured above) with rudimentary equipment, no auto-pilot, flying around 9,000 feet and flying at that slow cruise speed for a 11,000 nautical miles (20,350 Kilometers) journey. I will be tired at the end of it. And that is an understatement!

Time to re-visit my ferry blogposts and see what I did back then. There will be many changes for sure, as it has been my experience. That's half the fun of it anyway.

Happy Blogging all, I hope to be back blogging from time to time!


ER Ramachandran said...

Nice to see you again in your blog Captain! Yu're right. Twitter and Facebook too much time but sometimes have to be said immediately and that's how one gets hooked to twitter. But Blog is serene, to read and absorb slowly as it should be. As always, loved your blog. see you in twitter.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thank you ERR Sir! See you on twitter!

amidemanila said...

Like what your heading said, long time no see. I have not been blogging for a while ,too because I was d wedding coordinator of my son's wedding.On the side i am writing my novella which is writers.Sound familiar? Nice to read your blog again!

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks Ami! Good to see you here again and congrats on your Son's wedding! Cheers! I am away in the USA on a long tour, will blog later about my trip back home in a seaplane, USA to Singapore!

ramon espinosa said...

2 of us are planning to buy 2 condos in SG
BUT MY QUESTION IS CAN WE BRING A Donier SEAPLANE TO Singapore/ where can we land and what rates are they to observe Captain.
we are not pilots but can hire one
your thoughts sir

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thanks for your comments Ramon, please see my company blog for more of my seaplane activities in the Singapore region. This is the link:

In Singapore, an amphibious seaplane is allowed to land only at Seletar Airport. The sea areas around Singapore is not cleared for seaplane landings as yet. I base the seaplane in Singapore and do all water landings at nearby resorts areas of Indonesia and Malaysia. My company blog will show those details and pics. Dornier Seastar is not certified as yet for operations I believe, so it is better to keep it on foreign/your registry for now, if you are planning to bring it here. If you are looking at commercial operations, discuss with professionals here. If you need further, do email me, all my contact details are on my company blog pages.