Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have been busy over the last one year, traveling to the U.S. to pick up a boat-hulled amphibious Seaplane and bring the same over to Singapore for assembling and exporting to the region. I have been blogging about it in my company blog and that has been further posted on Facebook page of the company as well. For those of my friends and readers of this Blog, I would like to invite you to visit the Facebook page, clicking the link above, for news and coverage on all things Seaplanes and my own activities in Aviation.

The official Blog for the Lake Amphibious Aircraft news, events and my work related to identifying the Aircraft, shipping the same to Singapore, re-assembling the same and flying it out, are all contained in a Blog for the Company called Jeteezy. Please click on the link and visit the archives to see all the articles and many many pictures of Aircraft, particularly Seaplanes.

I am happy to report that, although originally from land locked Mysore where I grew up, opening new vistas for seaplanes in South East Asia has been quite an adventure and even historic for a Mysorean or Indian or for that matter by any nationality. I was the first Seaplane pilot in the World to land a Seaplane in Langkawi, Malaysia in the Andaman Sea in December 2013 and also the very first pilot to land a seaplane in Bintan Islands of Indonesia not far from Singapore.

Thanks for reading and hope some of you will migrate over to my official blog and facebook page for constant updates on my seaplane adventures!


Linda said...

Lovely photo. Greetings from Montreal Canada.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Thank you Linda! Greetings from Singapore.